mature adults practicing tai chi

For those of you that have practiced martial arts for many years and then let them go for one reason or another, there is still hope! Most martial artists have a real passion for their art. Even after not practicing for a brief, or long time, you never forget the moves or the fun you had while in good shape. But you have not worked out for a while and you're out of shape. What do you do?

An art is best learnt in its culture. One remarkable difference between the culture of the east and the west is the respect shown to a master. In this connection I have little complaint because my students, from both the east and the west, generally show much respect to me. But I have met many eastern masters commenting on the lack of respect, sometimes utter disrespect, shown to them. Often it is because of the western students' ignorance of eastern ways rather than their willful discourtesy that their eastern masters of chi kung or kung fu (including taijiquan) regard as disrespect.

Sifu Wong receiving the "Qigong Master of the Year" award at the Second World Congress on Qigong in San Francisco, November 1997

Having a good master is definitely a tremendous blessing in kungfu, taijiquan and qigong training. As mediocre instructors are so common nowadays -- some even start to teach after having attended only a few week-end seminars -- finding a great master is like finding a gem in a haystack. Here are some guidelines to help you find one.

An Example of What He Teaches

I remember one afternoon, when I was 17 years old, I went to see my White Crane master. I was a bit depressed and I had hoped to receive some comfort and sympathy from him. I told him that I was depressed about the fact that there were some White Crane techniques which I could not perform as skillfully as one of my classmates, who was a couple of years younger than me.

If you are a Chinese martial artist, I believe that you may have noticed many of the strange phenomena happening in Western Chinese martial arts society for the last twenty years. Many of you may have noticed these phenomena and let them happen. Many of you may get upset and feel you cannot do too much about it. If you are an enthusiastic Chinese martial artist, I invite you to read this article carefully and think about it. It is our future and responsibility. It is we who must change the wrong path into the right one.