Lifting the Sky

Daily practice is the key to success with Flowing Zen. But it’s not easy to keep your practice regular. No matter how disciplined you are, you’ll still run into obstacles. The 2-Minute Drill is a great way to overcome these obstacles.

Let’s say you've just had a stressful day in the middle of a stressful week. Even though you KNOW that practicing the 15-Minute Routine will help, you still avoid it. Your internal dialogue may go something like this:

“I should practice but I just don’t have time but it’s only 15 minutes but I have to send that email right now and besides I’m too tired I’ll just do it tomorrow…”

This internal dialogue is not serving you. To overcome it, practice the 2-Minute Drill as follows:
Tell yourself that you’re only going to practice for 2 minutes, and mean it.

Perform Lifting The Sky 10-15 times, focusing on enjoying your breath.

Stand Flowingly Still for about 10 seconds.Walk around briskly when you’re finished.
The goal of The 2-Minute Drill is to change your state. You should feel refreshed and more relaxed. This routine is not as powerful as the 15-Minute Routine, but it is still a valuable tool because it keeps your practice going.

Here is a habit that I recommend you adopt: If you miss a day of practice, it’s okay. But no matter what happens, don’t let the next day pass without doing The 2-Minute Drill. After all, who doesn't have two minutes?


Lifting The Sky – Posture 1

  • Your feet are close together.
  • Your mouth is gently open.
  • Your toes are pointing forward.
  • Your hands are relaxed by your sides.
  • Your posture is upright but relaxed.
  • Your chest is soft and open.
  • Your nose is pointing forward.


Lifting The Sky – Posture 2

  • Your palms face down toward the ground.
  • Your fingers point toward each other.
  • Your fingers have some space between them.
  • Your arms are as straight as comfortably possible.
  • Your neck tilts down, as if looking at the hands.
  • Your body remains upright.
  • Your shoulders remain relaxed.
  • Your jaw is still relaxed.


Lifting The Sky – Posture 3

  • Your arms arc up smoothly to the top.
  • Your nose follows the movement of the hands.
  • Your head ends tilting back comfortably.
  • At the top, you lift up gently from your heels to your hands.
  • Your arms remain comfortably straight.
  • Breathe in gently through the nose as you arc upward.


Lifting The Sky – Posture 4

  • Your arms drop smoothly down, like a bird slowly flapping its wings.
  • Your wrists are no longer bent.
  • Breathe out gently through the mouth as your arms are dropping.
  • The neck gradually returns to normal with the nose pointing forward.
  • Finish in Posture 1.
  • Repeat.

The four postures are not static, of course. There are some slight pauses, but they should flow from one to another. They big secret is to make the exercise as comfortable as possible. If it’s not comfortable, if you’re not enjoying yourself, then you’re not doing it correctly. If you have any questions, then post them in the comments sections below and I’ll get you some answers.

Go ahead and share this page with friends and family. Hopefully, you’ll pique their interest in Qigong and self-healing. Who knows, maybe they’ll get serious about Qigong and make major changes in their health. If so, then it will all trace back to the moment when you shared this page with them! For me, it all traces back to the moment when I found my teacher’s book, so I know it’s totally possible!

Zenfully yours,
Sifu Anthony


Sifu Anthony Korahais is the Director of the Flowing Zen Healing Center, and the Chief Instructor certified in the U.S. by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. He lives in Gainesville, Florida with his wife, Dr. Akemi Borjas Korahais.