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If you are a Chinese martial artist, I believe that you may have noticed many of the strange phenomena happening in Western Chinese martial arts society for the last twenty years. Many of you may have noticed these phenomena and let them happen. Many of you may get upset and feel you cannot do too much about it. If you are an enthusiastic Chinese martial artist, I invite you to read this article carefully and think about it. It is our future and responsibility. It is we who must change the wrong path into the right one.

Self-defense begins when you are required to defend yourself against an unlawful attack and it is a time honored principle that one is entitle to defend himself from physical attack by another person. However, you are only protected by the law if you are obeying the law. Notice this definition of self-defense is related to physical, and not verbal attacks. Words spoken by another, even if they use disparaging remarks about your ancestry, may generate an emotional response from you, but are not sufficient grounds for using physical force in the name of self-defense.

This article is an excerpt from the new second edition of Dr. Yang's popular Qi gong guide is for martial artists and health seekers who want to improve their health and vitality, increase their strength and develop explosive martial power. Dr. Yang shares ten complete sets of effective Qigong exercises, teaches meditation, and discusses the theory of Chinese Qigong and Chinese medicine.

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