Iron Palm Training

Almost every Kung Fu master claims to have some mastery or knowledge of Iron Palm techniques. While not all Kung Fu styles teach the Iron Palm methods, there are many that do. This article will cover some practical ideas for Iron Palm training and, hopefully, save you from some of the pitfalls along the way.

If you are studying the Iron Palm, then you should be training with herbs and Dit Da Jow (iron hand liniment). Without these remedies, you could cause permanent damage to the joints, tendons and ligaments in your hand. You could also suffer from arthritis in your old age from incorrect practice.

Do not practice to deform or mutilate your hand in any way. Iron Palm practice does not necessitate the destruction of your hand. On the contrary. Practiced correctly, you would never know that a practitioner has ever practiced this technique.

Because Iron Palm training involves the hitting or slapping of objects, be very careful as to your intent and focus when practicing the techniques. It is not uncommon for ill trained Iron Palm practitioners to suffer heart, lung, eye or other damage from reflective energy (i.e. energy that bounces back through your hand and harms your own internal organs). Iron Palm, while powerful, can be very dangerous.

Lastly, ask yourself why you want to practice Iron Palm and is it necessary for your martial skills to do so Iron Palm practice is something not to be taken lightly as it is like a double edged sword. There are also healthier alternatives to the Iron Palm that are more useful in today's day and age.

Rick Zanotti is a Master of Kung Fu specializing in Northern Shaolin and Tai Chi and is the president of a software development and consulting firm.