Techniques & Applications

I guess deep down, we all of us are looking for some martial art that will bestow upon us some magical super powers, to make us into supermen women. More so in the internal arts, people like to make it all sound magical and mystical. We have more so called supernatural feats of strength in T'ai chi for instance than in any other art. We have people sticking spears into throats and telling us that it is internal energy or Qi that is protecting them. A trick I perform for people to show that anyone can do it, mere physics. We have people supposedly putting out candles with their Qi!

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Level One (absorption of the techniques and one-pointedness)

Do you know why Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) is regarded as a Taoist martial art It is because both its philosophy and practice are derived from Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching", the principal canon of Taoism. In terms of philosophy, the principle of yin-yang is perhaps the most well known. In terms of practice, the flowing characteristic of Taijiquan is most noticeable. 

The kungfu patterns below show five examples from the famous Shaolin Five Animals, from which much of the form and spirit of Shaolin Kungfu are derived. The Dragon form, expressed above in the double dragon-claws, is instrumental for the training of shen, or mind. The Snake form, expressed in the finger-thrust, is instrumental for the training of chi, or energy.