Visual History of the Hudiedao (Butterfly Sword)

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Visual History of the Hudiedao (Butterfly Sword)

Hudiedao, wu dip do, bat cham do, shuang dao, double short broadswords, butterfly swords……These weapons are known by literally dozens of different names in the various styles and lineages of the southern Chinese martial arts.  These schools can also be very particular about the exact knives that they favor.  Nevertheless, all of these weapons seem to follow the same basic guidelines.

The following article presents a brief investigation of the origin and use of these swords in the 19th century.  This research is far from the last word on the topic and is subject to future revision.  There is still a lot about the evolution of these weapons that we just do not understand, but hopefully this post will shed some light on the situation and suggest avenues for future research.


This is a great article with some great pics. I forget who posted it on DL#1.




Sun, 12/13/2015 - 6:31pm
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I love the detail on those

I love the detail on those handles!

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It's a good article. One of

It's a good article. One of the basic weapons in Choy Lay Fut.